Ohio University brick sculpture completed by Kirk Bros. Masonry, Inc.

Kirk Bros. Co., Inc is proud to have contributed to the construction of this beautiful brick sculpture at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

The university’s vice president, Christine Sheets, had the idea for the sculpture in order to make the area for new residential housing more aesthetically appealing. The relief sculpture was carved out of two brick walls surrounding a generator, or potential eyesore.

The artist of the sculpture design was Tad Gallaugher, a retired designer and illustrator for Ohio University’s Printing Services. As someone who knew the university and had an eye for its iconic elements, Gallaugher was the perfect fit for the project.

Gallaugher’s illustrations were sent to Brad and Tammy Spencer, the sculptors, who individually carved into the 1,750 bricks which made up the sculpture. Lastly, our masons at Kirk Bros. Co., Inc carried out the installation process by laying the bricks and bringing the sculpture full circle. 

Learn more about this sculpture project here!

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