Responsibility – Risk

Quality of Design 
Determines Risk
Responsible for 
Project Design

Responsible for
Performance / Quality & 
all Trade Contracts
  • Traditional – Familiar
  • Clear Division of Responsibility
  • Fixed Contract Amount
  • Quality Design Documents and Pre-Qualified Bidders Reduce Adversarial Conflicts
  • Easy to Administer
Key to Success
  • Must have excellent architectural drawings
  • A well defined project minimalizes potential for change orders
  • Manage contractor fees and markups 
  • Select and pre-qualify general contractor bidders
    • Manageable workload
    • Appropriate capabilities
    •  Qualified key people​
  • ​​Require identification of major sub-contractors at bid time.

General Contracting  (GC)

As General Contractor, Alvada Construction will build your project from your architect’s plans and specifications. We will work with competent subcontractors and suppliers to obtain the best and most qualified pricing for your project. Your involvement in the project is vital to its success and, as the owner, you will be consulted on a regular basis.