Responsibility – Risk


DB Contractor / Architect
Contract Determines
Financial Risk &

Responsible for Design,
Performance, Quality &
all Trade Contracts
  • Single Responsibility for Design & Performance
  • Project Costs Determined Earlier
  • Phased Contract Reduce Owners Financial Risk
  • Can Lower Time and Cost
  • Potential to Choose Subs
  • Potential to Enhance Project Quality
  • Design Shaped to Budget ​
Keys to Success
  • Make Sure the Project is Right for Design Build
  • Understand Design Build Contract and Procurement Process.
  • Participate in Selection of Design Team
  • Have Clear, Defined Expectations of Scope and Schedule
  • Select Contractor Based on Experience, Rates & Fees (Bidding Based on Lump Sum or Budget Bids is Equivalent
    ​to Signing a Blank Check)
  • Pick People as Well as the Company
  • Establish a Collaborative Approach with a Trusted Team

Design/Build  (DB)

As a Design/Build contractor, ACI will contract directly with your architect and coordinate both architectural design and construction. Known as “turn-key” or “single-source responsibility,” Design/Build gives the owner flexibility in the level of involvement while focusing attention and accountability on one entity.