Responsibility – Risk

CM at Risk
Risk Managed by
Selection of Architect
CM at Risk
Responsible for 
Project Design

Teams w/ Owner & Architect
Responsible for Budget,
        Performance, Quality &
        all Trade Contracts
  • Owner Can Select Best A/E and CMr 
  • Early Const. Expertise Enhances Value
  • Actual Project Cost Can be Determined Earlier 
  • CMr Holds Construction Risk & Liability
  • Potential to Enhance Project Quality
  • Design Can Be Shaped to Budget
  • Can Lower Time and Cost
  • Reduced Change Orders  
  • ​Potential for Greater Design Creativity
Keys to Success
  • ​Choose CMr Early
  • Understand CMr Procurement
    ​and Contracting Process
  • Trust and a Collaborative Team Approach
  • Pick People as Well as Company
  • Have a Good Contract

As the Construction Manager at Risk, the Alvada Construction team works with the architect during the design phase and is responsible for all budgeting, bidding, and scheduling. During construction, Alvada is responsible for the performance of all services, suppliers and trades and manages all facets of the project, to assure a quality project.

Construction Management at Risk (CMr)