Responsibility – Risk

Owner / CM
Multiple Contractors
Quality of Design 
Determines Risk
CM has No Risk
Responsible for 
Project Design

No One Contractor 
        Responsible for Project
Owner has Multiple
       Trade Contracts
  • Represents Interests of Owners with No Construction Expertise. 
  • Early Reliable Cost Estimates
  • May Lower Time and Cost
  • More Control Over Specific Trades
  • Design Can Be Shaped to Budget 
  • Potential for Greater Design Creativity
Keys to Success
  • Choose CM Early
  • Trust and a Collaborative Team Approach
  • Pick People as Well as Company
  • ​Understand the Method as Well as Risk
  • Good Contracts Reduce Owners Risk
  • Well Defined Scope of Work Reduces Conflicts

As your Construction Manager, the Alvada Construction team is included from the start in consulting with the architect during the design phase and coordinating all construction budgeting, bidding and scheduling. A full-time project manager oversees all daily construction services and facets of the project from start to finish.

Construction Management, Agency (CMa)